We Send Postcards To Heaven For Dad From Our Journey


According to my own belief, I strongly believe that most people want to travel to every dreamy places in their life, but the purpose they set will serve or not depend on the circumstances happened in their whole life. Some of them can reach their goal in travelling because they have enough time and money to spend to every journey they set. For those people they really fond of their life they have in this world and they can stay in peace when they become the old age or pass away. On the opposite side, we try to understand for some people who not deserve their goal in their travel plan setting. At first we would feel pity for those ones who should get what they have planned, but in fact it is not. There are many reasons that they can not reach their goal setting for travelling. I just mention some in which the main obstacle to wash away their goal reaching. No enough time and money to support their journey plan, so how can they go far way to deserve their ambition in travelling? It is nearly impossible to happen in this condition, and another reason is they really have enough time and budget but unfortunately they pass away before time of their journey plan setting.

The following words description are mentioned about a girl who wanted her pass away dad deserve his travel plan setting by she went to every place her dad had mentioned he wanted to go when he was alive and then took photographs and sent postcards with her real words to the heaven for her dad !

It’s a story about the magic of friendship. My dad did not manage to fulfill his dreams for traveling. I believe it’s never too late, so together with friends we travel for him.

To make sure that he knows about each trip – we send him a postcards, to heaven! It’s my therapy through the journey.