The Miracle Coconut Oil To Kill Dental Bacteria

Many people know that bacteria that live in the plaque can destroy and damage teeth surface as called tooth decay. The sticky substance from plaque was formed on teeth but people can prevent cavity with good remedies naturally. Some research is conducted by Athlone technology instate in Ireland that haven been proven bacteria can cause tooth decay and defeated by coconut oil with oral teeth improvement


How does this coconut oil can protect and prevent cavity in natural way?
Coconut oil is good against for type of candida albicans that cause dental diseases. This yeast has been appear due the processes sugar and foods. Candida can cause disease and digestive problems. One research has been observed the impact of digested and natural coconut oil for bacteria in the mouth especially for mutan as major culprit on tooth decay. They have enzyme that modify coconut oil and replace chemical additive in dental care product.

Dr Damien brady said that bacteria is common over looked human health diseases and affect for sixty – ninety percent of children. It is major of adult in development countries. There is incorporate enzyme that modify coconut oil into dental hygiene products and as good alternative additive and work at low concentration. With increase anti-biotic resistance, it is important to pay attention about new innovation to fight infection. Coconut oil can help human body to absorb calcium and it is great benefits for teeth health. Coconut oil whiten your teeth and good for gum due coconut oil absorb its heavy metal

Something to do to prevent cavity by using coconut oil naturally

  • Taking one spoon of coconut oil and applies for fifteen or twenty minutes inside your mouth
  • Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth at least two times in a week and you will get better and white teeth. This method was known as oil pulling and proven oil pulling can reduce streptococcus problems mutan bacteria from global healing center

Another research and study  was published in Africa journal of microbiology and conducted in 2008. They found remarkable total count of bacteria inside people mouth and reduction of dental cavities. This bacteria activities can be treated by coconut oil and found great effect for streptococcus mutan inside mouth. In fact, one study demonstrated reduction of bacteria from ten up to thirty three percent after forty days of oil pulling participants and found twenty percent in reduction of oral bacteria. In many study have been proven that consume coconut oil cavity can protect and prevent teeth healthy and free of negative effects naturally.