The Lucky Of New Born Baby Pandas In The Zoo

Panda usually best known as its cute face and funny behavior that most people want to visit them face to face but can be only at the zoo not in the wild because pandas also can make danger to us as well if we meet them by chance anywhere in the forest. Any way, the young pandas are absolutely nice to look and play with because they look naturally cute and funny. We really get fun to play with this kind of wonderful animal but only the ones trained by the zoo keepers or the experts in animal’s character change which transformed their wild instinct to the domestic species character for them to get relationship with other raising animals and people. The most interesting point of the panda baby is its soft and nice fur with its cutest face in which all visitors want to touch whenever they visit them at the zoo. Nowadays, some scientists try to collect the panda babies from the jungle to keep in the natural reservation or zoo in order to train them to get along with the visitors in the purpose of tourist attraction and charity fund raising for social charity work and rare animals reservation work.

Panda babies are rarely see in the natural reservation, therefore  the panda mother only feed one of her favorite new born baby and left the others die naturally which send the sadness to the scientists who work to protect the new born babies of wild life. In their hard work, some scientists try to collect pandas from the jungle to keep them in reservation center or in the zoo in order to survive the new born baby pandas and can show people about the process of new born baby pandas’ life to the visitor who are interested in animal birth. Photo Credit:


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