The Beautiful Beaches Of Australia

Australia is the great destination of visitor from all over the world and most people consider this country as the paradise for their holiday because there are many things to do and see in those destinations. The most fantastic in Australia is the beach because it is like the gift from the heaven that the whole country surrounded by the sea with beautiful beaches.

The Australian mainland has a total coastline length of 35,876 km (22,292 mi) with an additional 23,859 km (14,825 mi) of island coastlines. There are 758 estuaries around the country with most located in the tropical and sub-tropical zones. Australia claims an extensive Exclusive Economic Zone of 8,148,250 square kilometres (3,146,057 sq. mi).

The best destinations of Australia are the beaches therefore, they are classified as the paradise beaches of the world. Australia is the world of peace and romantic beaches that most visitors always hang out on the beach until late at night or stay the whole night there because of their beauty and wonderful view of the surrounding areas. Furthermore, Australian beaches attract the foreign visitors of their pop and funny water sport activities. Whenever they spend the free time there, they really get a chance to do the water sports on the safe beaches. Those sports include wind surfing, water skiing, jumping, surfing and so on. The Australian beach also noticed as the peaceful beach with beautiful and clear sand that shows the colorful and bright color when reflected with sunlight. Another great activity on the Australian beach is sun bathing. The sunlight there is a slight warm with fantastic climate that makes our  whole body  feeling great with that kind of environment. We also can relax with the fresh air from the clean sea in Australia as well if you do not hurry to see another place or go shopping , just hang out on the beach for longer.


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