Remove Fibroma Or Skin Warts Very Easy

First, let me ask you a question: what are skin warts? The skin warts are the benign growths of the skin. They are in fact defined according to benign tumors of connective tissue. They look like tiny soft nodules on the skin and vary from size of a few millimeters up to an inch in diameter. The warts are usually the same color as the skin, but sometimes they can be lightly pigmented. These, skin problems, are not cancerous, thank god. But, they are visible and they can be a serious aesthetic problem during the entire lifetime.


Warts usually appear on people who are in their middle age and in places where the skin is aging. They usually appear on the neck, armpits, groin, under the breasts, the belly, the eyelids or anywhere else on the skin. Almost every person in the world has at least one fibroma on their skin, so we can easily say that this skin problem is not rare. They can be such a problem, because they can grow bigger, bleed and cause other skin problems.

The warts size and number increases with the age. We still don’t know the actual reason of their appearance, but we suspect that the genetics and thickness are important factors in their development. Some people have few, but some from few to several hundred. Every person who was warts problem, should get a medical examination from a medical expert – dermatologist. The dermatologist should decide about the way of treatment. The most common type of fibroma is skin tags. And they are removed to a cooler time of year when the sun is less pronounced, perspiration, etc.

The fibroid tumors should be removed by medical expert with electrocoagulation, applantation, radiosurgery and laser. The dermatologist will remove them with just one treatment, unless there is a larger number of fibroma or higher surface area. This treatment, if it’s successful, must not be repeated. After the surgery, the patient should get antibiotics for five days and proceed with the usual hygiene and showering. After the removal procedure, it is necessary to avoid a few days of sweating and physical activities, until the healing process is successful and without any complications.

How to use apple cider vinegar to remove fibroma?

According to many people and medical experts, apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective natural drugs. People use it to treat many different health problems. Removing the fibroma is one of these problems, for which apple cider vinegar is extremely beneficial cause of its acidity. It’s extremely important for you to remember that you shouldn’t use apple cider vinegar to remove fibroma around your eyelids, because it can irritate your eyes.

Now we are going to show you the best apple cider vinegar homemade remedy for removing fibroma. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, wash gently the area around the fibroma with water and mild soap.
  2. Then, you can soak the fibroma in water for 15 minutes or rub the fibroma with something. For example a new toothbrush.
  3. Now, you need to dry it.
  4. When it’s dry, soak a piece of cotton in the apple cider vinegar and squeeze the excess out.
  5. Place the soaked cotton directly on the fibroma and secure it with a band aid, to make sure it will stay there.
  6. Leave the soaked cotton on the fibroma for 15 minutes.
  7. Remove the cotton and rinse with water.

You need to repeat this process 3 times, every day, until the fibroma is removed completely. After this process, the fibroma will be darker and eventually, they will fall off. Don’t worry, because there may be a little scar on your skin. It all depends of the size of the fibroma. You can use marigold ointment or aloe vera gel to treat that little scar. But, if the fibroma is not deep in the skin, there won’t be scar at all. Just follow the procedures and you will do just fine.


You need to remember 3 things:

  1. Make sure that the apple cider vinegar will not flow around the fibroma, because it will blush.
  2. Don’t tear the scab.
  3. Don’t put more apple cider vinegar when the scab appears.


Many people in the world are satisfied and said that this homemade fibroma removal remedy actually works. You should definitely try it! If you enjoyed this post, make sure you share it with your friends and family. Thank you!