My Watercolor And Ink Paintings Of Quirky Cats

There are a lot of beautiful hand paintings made up by the creative painters which looked different from normal paintings. The talent creative painters no need to use much material in painting, just some ink and watercolor is enough to create beautiful and fantastic paintings. The creators always draw the pictures from their imagination and sometimes the pictures they want to draw flow in a quick appear in their mind and then they spend only minutes to draw that nice pictures that we all hardly to believe they can do so. Some paintings looks so simple and easy to paint but it is not easy as ABC as others think. We really can’t afford to make it without any special skill in painting. Skill can be learnt but not perfect as the ones who have it from their birth that sounds rather spiritual, somehow it is fact. Let’s check the following pictures of cat which painted with only ink and watercolor, thus the result is out off our expectation. We all can say it is a new creation for painting that no need to consume more painting materials but can produce splendid pictures of cat pet involving with daily stuff. These paintings also get so popular on social media like facebook after the paintings owner uploaded into her facebook account.

I am an artist from Lithuania. I work primarily with watercolors and ink. I can’t imagine my day without a cup of coffee and strange, beautiful things, which inspire me to create playful characters.

I’ve always been fascinated by cats – I love their shiny big eyes, their quirky personalities and their weird expressions on faces! Anyone who has a cat knows how funny, strange or cute they can be.

For this series of cats my source of inspiration is my big furry, ginger friend Elvis.

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