Every woman above 30 years is necessary to make some type of facial massage.

This is because with the age elasticity of the skin begins to weaken and begin to develop wrinkles. However, spoon massage will preserve your youth and beauty. This massage is designed by German physician Reene Koh.

This massage is good because you can achieve amazing results: eject excess fluid from the tissues, improve blood circulation, make skin more elastic, reduce wrinkles and restore facial contours and expression, and all for free. Excellent results can be achieved even for 10-12 days if you apply a massage every day.


The technique is quite simple. You need two spoons, a glass of cold water with ice cubes and a small bowl of heated oil.

Make this massage at the following scheme:

Remove makeup from the face and apply a Moisturizer. Meanwhile disinfect the spoons with alcohol and put them in a glass with water and ice.

Put a tablespoon of the cooled near the upper eyelids and hold for a few seconds. Repeat this process five times. When you warm the tablespoon, replace it with a cold. Do the same with the lower eyelids. In this way you will reduce the swelling of the eyelids and reduce dark circles. After all this, let the spoon a little to stand in the hot oil, and then begin to massage the face. With slight pressure move the spoon along the lines of massage.

Basic massage lines are:

  • From the upper part of the nose to the forehead and the hair
  • On the eyelids circular from one corner to the other
  • On the cheeks, from the nostrils to the forehead
  • From chin to forehead
  • From the beginning of the neck to the chin

Each of these movements should be carried out at least 10 times.Every time you feel the spoon difficult to glide, dip it in oil.

After the massage, wash your face with warm water.
The optimal duration of massage is 10 minutes, but it does not hurt to increase the duration each day. Start with 1-2 minutes, and then every day, add one minute. On the tenth day massage will last 10 minutes.

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You will feel the first results after the first day.