Is It True What Your Palm Line Says About Your Love And Marriage ?



  1. The Same Height

In case your hands are at the same height, you are going to have an amazing love life. Your spouse will be approved and loved by everyone and this will make you happy. Speaking of your character, you are very sensitive, with good common sense, gentle, and person who dislikes anything sudden.



  1. The Right Hand is Higher

People whose right hand is higher are highly favored by older people, meaning that they are likely to marry someone older. They are capable of seeing the atmosphere of people and situations, and they rarely care about what others think. In brief, these people don`t adhere to the typical social norms and care about what they desire.The Left Hand is Higher


3. The Left Hand is Higher

People whose left hand is higher are people who like challenges, prefer fiery or passionate kind of love, and tend to be aggressive. They are usually pretty girls and handsome guys. In addition, they are likely to marry a foreigner or a student.  To sum up, these people are aggressive and adventurous, looking for adventure, challenge, and unconventional stuff.