Here’s why you shouldn’t mix protein with carbs.

After you read this article, you will become clear why you should think twice before starting a strictdiet that excludes certain foods, especially the lately popular, protein diet.

The diet in which, in one meal you shouldn’t eat eat carbohydrates and proteins, was drafted by a New York surgeon, Dr. William Howard Hay more than 100 years ago.


He believed that the cause of all diseases is acidification of the body which is caused by food, so he experimented on himself trying to overcome his kidney disease.

According to his theory, proteins and carbohydrates are not able to digest together, thus, making the digestion more difficult.

The diet, according to Dr. Hay contains almost all groceries, uncounted calories, but is strictly separating protein foods from foods containing carbohydrates.

This diet recognizes three categories of food:

  • neutral foods: vegetables, seeds;
  • protein group (which increases acidity) – meat, fish, and dairy products;
  • carbohydrates (which increase basicity) bread, potatoes, fruit.

Basic rules of the diet according to Dr. Hey:

  1. Fruits and vegetables make up 80% of the diet (half of them, raw)
  2. Foods of neutral group can be freely combined with the other two groups.
  3. It is recommended to eat carbs in the morning and evening and protein at noon.
  4. To consume natural foods, eat slowly and pause between meals for a period of four hours.

You should avoid highly industry processed food, and eat more natural, unprocessed foods that lead to balancing their nutrient value.

The right combination of whole wheat grains, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, fats and proteins, is a general rule of a balanced and healthy diet.