Handmade Ceramic Animal Planters

There are many different kinds of handmade things created by the special skilled persons, which put more value to daily using objects, therefore they look so nice and attractive. Further more, they are rather easy to place at any corner in the office, the house or other work place. One of the most popular handmade is flower pot which they are decorated into many different styles, sizes and shapes. Flower always the beautiful plant that people like keeping them nearby, but the only flower alone is not so interesting look. It must goes with pretty style of its pot that put more beauty to the flower. In more positive side, the beautiful pot helps the flower take car person pay more attention to flower and can move it more comfortable from one place to another.

Ceramicist Priscilla Ramos has made very beautiful and attractive ceramic animal planters, which helps her become well-known of new creative thing and gets a lot of profit from those stuff selling. The ceramic animal planter is used to replace the old style of flower pot in most of office work, shops and apartments after the creator put them on selling. When we place flowers or small plants on those ceramic animal planters, they look like there are two lives staying together, plants with animals because those stuff seem the real ones in our daily life of the real world.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ceramic capybara planter, look no further. Ceramicist Priscilla Ramos from São Paulo, Brazil, has a fantastic line of animal planters in the form of foxes, whales, anteaters, and yes, even the world’s largest rodent. She’s even working on a sloth! The handmade stoneware pieces are perfect for small succulents or cacti, and you can see more in her shop: Cumbuca Chic. (via NOTCOT) Photo Credit:


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