Funny Dog Shopping Cart Pushing

Dog Takes Puppy on Journey in Shopping Cart: Cute Dog Maymo & Puppy Penny
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Maymo the lemon beagle dog takes his cute puppy sister Penny on an epic trip in a shopping cart. The cute dogs travel across various landscapes and terrains until they end up at their favorite summer vacation spot, the playground. After the long journey, the funny beagles take to playing on slides, swings, and a merry-go-round before sunset leads them back home.

Some Interesting Comments In the Video:

Debbie Benefiel

Just when I thought we couldn’t have more fun, you all out did it! I love the tail wag at they end…so long folks til the next adventure. These pups must love you very much. Maymo is a sweet, wise soul, giving joy and laughter to so many. My dear, sweet Penny, you are the best sport! Keep the smiles coming. With most heartfelt thanks-a fan in USA.

Patricia Roberts

I am a HUGE fan of Penny and Maymo! Everytime i feel down in the dumps all i have to do is watch some videos of them. They sure make me smile and laugh a lot! THANKYOU!

Inu Wolfe

Awwwww! Maymo took his baby sis on a tour and on a journey to the park. He’s a good brother.

Mary Cummings

So cute I could just explode ohh I just subscribed yesterday and liked a couple of ur videos make more videos please!!!!!!


Well bless your heart, you poor, cognitively enfeebled thing.

Your life must truly be a living Hell, fretting about the poor “abused” doggies on YouTube. Those of us suffering chronic illness and disability, people who have been bereaved and are grieving, and others who are living under the constant threat of violence, are SO lucky not to be afflicted with insurmountable problems like yours.

Someone should set up a GoFundMe for you, with the aim of getting you off the internet forever. Not only would this ensure that you are shielded from the horrors of Maymo videos, it will give you more time to devote yourself to other first world problems such as lack of year-round pumpkin flavoured crap at Starbucks, and bringing the McRib back.

Wulf Cub

Imagine walking down the sidewalk when suddenly you see that.


Gilligan wants Nathan to learn how to push him around in a shopping cart like that!! SOOOOOO cute!!