Creating Eerie Skeletal Sculptures Crocheted from String

The art of decoration is really wonder for the beauty look and always makes the new things created unique. There are many things which the talent persons can create and decorate them into special way and look so amazing or even give them the high value from their achievement. On the plus side, they also can collect something useless around them to decorate into the beautiful things which the ordinary people never expect can be done. They just like decorating things from their imaginary, even the ugly things that we all do not want to see or be afraid of, but when those awful stuff decorated they are so amazing and interesting. Generally we all never expect to see ghost or something relate to it, on the other hand, people like visiting and touching those things after the talent have created. As see the pictures below, the decorator used only string to make up the beautiful skeletons that a lot of people always be frightened with the real stuff, but want to touch again and again with those stuff decoration.

Philadelphia based artist Caitlin T. McCormack creates beautiful, eerie looking, crochet animal skeletons by stiffening cotton string with glue to produce a material that is structurally similar to delicate bone tissue. Recycling materials that she inherited from her late grandmother, McCormack uses the process of crocheting to cope with the loss of her grandparents. “For a while the objects had sort of a totemic property and I wanted them to rematerialize my dead relatives.” she explains, I’ve always been fascinated by entropy, and things disintegrating and then building back up into other forms. By using a material that wasn’t necessarily bio-matter inherited from a dead relative, I could reconstitute it in some other shape and, in some way, have them for a little bit longer. Credit: junk-culture


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