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Check out these funny cats getting scared. These funny cat videos of funny scared cats will make you laugh.

Some Interesting Comments of this Video:

Barbara Dyson

It’s a question, if it is your cat why you didn’t run after it to get the bag off instead of recording it. Actually for me ti get off my high horse is quite a joke, cause I do have a high horse. Personally I cannot abide any unneccessary ridiculing of any animal. Perhaps you aren’t aware but animals do become upset when people laugh at them. Check that theory out with your vet.


I couldn’t catch my cat. They run fast when they’re scared. I did as the fellow in the video did, wait till the cat stops. Stay on your high horse and be all serious out of respect to your high horse, I do understand. NP, it’s just a difference of perspectives. One person’s “lighten up” is another person’s “that’s cruel”. I just know for certain, this incident didn’t happen on purpose or to harm the cat. It was a FREAK incident, and that’s why the sudden laughter.

Val O’Brien

Also why would anyone put a toaster ON THE FLOOR it’s not as if you’d just moved in is it?  I don’t understand people like you  who deliberately stress their pets out just for fun, it borders on psycho behaviour, are you so bored with life that you use your time scaring little cats? The wolf mask was nasty and you don’t know how it frightened your cat.  It’s one thing to play with them with a ball of string or a cat toy, but another to deliberately frighten them.  I’ve had lots of happy times with my cats, long walks in nearby wods, little ” cat chats” that all cat lovers have but personally I would never want to deliberately frighten my cat and then laugh and make them an object of ridicule as you have done.  Quite honestly, I think people like you who make these kind of videos are irresponsible, and I hope your cats run away and find more sincere kind owners !

Rain Foxes

Me and my cat actually play hide and seek XD She’s usually the hider, and I need to go around the house looking around for her. Then when I get her, she jumps out at me, plays with my feet for a minute, and this circle continues to repeat for about half an hour. I’m not hurting my cat in any way, but you’re right, these people deliberately ‘hurt’ their cats just hoping that the video will get viral on YT. I’d assume that’s why they have cameras and film their every move, hoping for the best scare. It’s all sad, horrible, torturous (in a way) staging to scare curious cats :l