African Wild Dogs

Africa is known as the poor continent in the world, but it is famous about the resource of wildlife reservation. If the visitors want to go safari, it is clear that they will go to African Safari because in there full of many different kind of wild animals. Depending on our feeling, to see the wild creatures is far different from seeing the domestic ones which we always get along with easily. In some cases, just hear the sound making from those wilds it makes you feel frightening, fast beating heart and want to go back home but it is really special to have a chance to see the real activities of those creatures with our eyesight.

In fact, the African wild dog is a kind of wildlife serve their living by hunting the other species in the forests. They live in the group and family so that they have to do different jobs in their daily life. They have the hunters, the protectors, and the group leader. The strong guy in the group is the group leader and it always leads the group for special activities in their life, particularly when they face the problem like the enemy attacking or moving their habitat from place to place.

The particular African-american wild doggy (Lycaon pictus), or perhaps African-american colored doggy, is a canid native to be able to Sub-Saharan Africa. It does not take most significant associated with the spouse and children in Africa, along with the simply member of the actual genus Lycaon, that is notable from Canis through the a lot fewer toes and fingers as well as dentition, that is very specialist for a hypercarnivorous diet. It truly is considered while endangered from the IUCN, since it has vanished from high of the first array.


Photo: Thomas Retterath


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Photo: Thomas Retterath


Photo: Thomas Retterath


Photo: Thomas Retterath


Photo: Thomas Retterath


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