7 Beautiful Northeastern Aegean Islands

There are many more beautiful islands in the world and those destinations are the priority choice for most visitors who attend the sea trip, that why some islands became the popular places to inhabit with nice houses, cottages, villas and apartments as well, particularly for the rich persons who like spending free time at the sea. They build the holiday house as their own rather than rent the hotel to stay on their special days. Thasos also is a big mountains island that visitors can go on mountains climbing and come back to have a swimming at the sea. 

The followings are some beautiful islands in Northeastern Aegean of Asia. The first one is Samos, it is beautiful and famous with some highland houses on it and surrounded by beautiful beaches. Another great one is Lesbos, a mountain island with attractive view and clear sea water. Tourists will feel different when they reach Chios, the highland island with scared of trees on it. The whole highland covered with houses rather than trees. There has another amazing island which full of small mountains on it with no trees, but there are full of habitat by the mountains and along the beach. Samothrace is really a wonderful island with beautiful sea, clear white sand beach and great view of highland of this islet. The last one to describe is Ikaria, number one beautiful beaches for visitors to sunbathing and have a great swim at the safe sea level.

The Northeastern Aegean Islands, scattered off  the Aegean coast of Asia Minor, form a rather arbitrary archipelago. These islands, the most remote of the Greek islands, are reachable by ferry or plane, and are well worth the trouble to get there. They figure prominently in Greek mythology, home to several gods and goddesses, as well as some famous ancient Greek, including the classic poet Homer. They’re filled with antiquities left by Roman, Greek and Ottoman rulers. Oh, the beaches are pretty great, too. Photo Credit:

1. Samos


2. Lesbos


3. Thasos


4. Chios


5. Lemnos


6. Samothrace


7. Ikaria