5 Amazing and Scary Lightning Storms Of All Time

Lightning is a strong electric light created in nature and it always exists when a natural positive electron meets with negative one and present a strong, clear flash light in the sky. It often appears in the earth’s atmosphere whenever the weather is in bad condition, there will a rain or storm and it also can cause danger to any life which on the right spot of electron magnet. On the other hand, the flash light of lightning is so scared but shows the beauty of light in the space, especially when the sky is dark during the lightning happening. The flash of lightning usually set in strings but those strings come in different shapes and sizes and the strings of lightning also make the beauty of the skies, too.

On Earth, the lightning frequency is approximately 40–50 times a second or nearly 1.4 billion flashes per year and the average duration is 30 microseconds.Many factors affect the frequency, distribution, strength and physical properties of a “typical” lightning flash in a particular region of the world. These factors include ground elevation, latitude,prevailing wind currents, relative humidity, proximity to warm and cold bodies of water, etc. To a certain degree, the ratio between IC, CC and CG lightning may also vary by season in middle latitudes. Because human beings are terrestrial and most of their possessions are on the Earth, where lightning can damage or destroy them, CG lightning is the most studied and best understood of the three types, even though IC and CC are more common types of lightning. Lightning’s relative unpredictability limits a complete explanation of how or why it occurs, even after hundreds of years of scientific investigation.

The thunderstorm will be any disturbed condition of setting or even astronomical human body’s surroundings specially which affects it’s exterior, along with strongly implying serious climate. It can be proclaimed by means of important interruptions to normalcy conditions for instance sturdy wind flow, are, thunder along with super (a thunderstorm), major precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), major cold rainfall (ice storm), sturdy wind gusts (tropical cyclone, windstorm), or even wind flow transporting a few material from the surroundings as in any dirt thunderstorm, blizzard, sandstorm, and so on.


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