3 Cool Little Daughters Photographs by John Wilhelm

They are so amazing photographs of the three daughters which decorated by an IT Director. They are a bit funny and wonder look because some parts of the photos we don’t understand the meaning. The fist nice photo design is a little girl trying too hard to pool out a big tree with her all energy presenting her serious face and two big rabbit teeth. Another one we can see a photo of two little girls, one girl is smiling with her hand holding a big staple left another small girl crying behind whether she’s standing or laying down on the ground. This is a wonderful photo of a man holding his bicycle with his two small daughters under the bad weather signing a big rainfall soon, but the man and the two little girls smiling, particularly the back one who is holding some flowers. This photo is really put a great wonder for most people to see a pregnant woman with her two little daughters in a bicycle repairing room. The two girls are trying to push air into their mother’s big belly. This one is a so cute photo of a baby equipped with a big headphone listening to romantic music. Another wonder photo is an astronaut holding legs of a baby laying on a small table in a room but we are not sure it is in space or somewhere else. It is rather funny that a little girl dare to hold some flowers in front of a wild big creature but that giant seem feel good to the girl and accept the flowers from her. This one is too serious, two little girls in the experiment room, one of their hands are holding the fireplace controller with strong fire burning out. The last one is two parts of the same photo but one part a lady is feeding a baby properly in a simple room and another part the lady feeding the baby equipped with astronaut material on her head that looks like it is in the space food store.

A 44 year old IT Director John Wilhelm is a very creative father of 3 daughters. He has created many cool photograph manipulations for his family- although, it doesn’t look so real but it looks they had so much fun. By looking at the pictures below, you will see his wife and the 3 beautiful daughters would be his perfect stars of all.


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