3 Breathtaking Pictures of Bunda Cliffs in Australia

Australian also well-known about its cliffs, sea cliffs are super beautiful which covered a huge land by the sea and we hardly believe they have existed in our world, so no wonder, the nature is very thing for humankind to entertain but do not forget join together to maintain this wonderful gift from our mother nature !

In geography and geology, a cliff is a vertical, or near vertical, rock exposure. Cliffs are formed as erosion land forms due to the processes of erosion and weathering that produce them. Cliffs are common on coasts, in mountainous areas, escarpments and along rivers. Cliffs are usually formed by rock that is resistant to erosion and weathering. Sedimentary rocks most likely to form cliffs include sandstone, limestone, chalk, and dolomite. Igneous rocks such as granite and basalt also often form cliffs.

An escarpment (or scarp) is a type of cliff, formed by the movement of a geologic fault, or a landslide.

Most cliffs have some form of scree slope at their base. In arid areas or under high cliffs, these are generally exposed jumbles of fallen rock. In areas of higher moisture, a soil slope may obscure the talus. Many cliffs also feature tributary waterfalls or rock shelters. Sometimes a cliff peters out at the end of a ridge, with tea tables or other types of rock columns remaining. Coastal erosion may lead to the formation of sea cliffs along a receding coastline.

If you are going to visit Southern Australia, don’t forget to check out Bunda Cliffs. You would feel a big lost if you didn’t go there. If you want to know where the edge of the sky is, Bunda Cliffs might be an answer. It’s the world’s larget piece of limestone, extending about 1000 km from east to the west- covering 270,000 square km of land.

If you look at the land, it is so smooth. Australian railway has constructed a railroad which has over 483 km in a straight line. It is just so amazing and wonderful place that we can’t afford to miss. More info:


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