13 Bad Mistakes When Arguing With Her

Teenage girl and boy argue. Girl points her finger at boy.
Teenage girl and boy argue. Girl points her finger at boy.

Arguing usually happens due to differing opinions between the couple. Hence, men must look for resolving the problem rather than stretching it, as that will only make it worse. Few mistakes men commonly make when arguing with their partner are:

1. Harsh Words – Usage of unkind words due to a feud, and you’re speaking continuously would make anyone mad at you or make her feel bad about her taste in men.

2. Bad Temper – Yelling is the worst mistake to do during an argument. Guys lose their temper and start shouting to the highest voice pitch. A girl might get scared or just don’t want to be with someone, who has such a behavior.

3. Bringing The Past – Oh, men never bring past issues or relations into the fight. That’s just not fair, everyone has their past good or bad and bringing up into the present will only make your girl upset and sad. Also she, maybe be, apprehensive in the future to share her experiences with you.

4. Online Fight – Men arguing about things online, simply leads to confusion and misunderstanding because of the absent expressions and tones.

5. Verbal Abuse –There are times, guys lose control once they start arguing to win over the argument and in that they just uses swear words which is definitely offensive to girls.

6. Argument in Public – Men uses sarcasm or direct verbal attacks on your partner in front of your friends, family or strangers makes a woman feel bad and a laughing-stock.

7. Hurling – When guys are not able to have a win situation they anger rises to a level where they start throwing things in a rage. There is a possibility that it might hurt your partner too.

8. Complain – This is quite common that during an argument men become a complain box and pick up on delicate topics, which surely shatters the woman. If a man has a problem with the spouse, find a right time for it.

9. Madcap – Guys lost their control over emotions and become impulsive during the verbal fights. It is a human behavior to lose temper, but must keep self control to overpower it.

10. Leave In Rage – Men feels pissed to argue over a subject so they feel the easy solution to it is to walk over an argument in a huff. It is a gaffe because your partner would feel that you do not care anymore.

11. Blame Game – It is very common that beau puts blame on their partner that it is all her fault, without even giving her a benefit of the doubt.

12. Triggering Her Button – Men bring their spouse’s family or friends in between. During a spat, criticizing her dear ones will end up your relationship in ashes. Also, you will lose respect in her eyes.

13. Physical Abuse – In anger, men have a habit to put force such as pushing, grabbing, shoving, etc. on their lover, which is absolutely unacceptable.