10 Wonderful African Islands

Besides get famous about going safari, African continent also well-known about its beautiful islands with attractive view and entertaining activities at those great destinations. Let’s check some top rank islands which make you feel fascinating to see their beauties. The best nice beach and beautiful view of the whole island is Praslin, it will make you fall in love in laying on that beach as soon as you reach it. Another great one is Zanzibar, the glorious sea water color island and make all visitors feel comfortable to swim with good imagination. It looks like the place on another planet, Mauritius is really a brilliant beach island we wouldn’t believe with our real eyes when see it. Another different color beach island is Lamu Island, a yellow color beach island, but looks so beautiful with green sea water color. You may want to take some sand with when leave there because its beauty. Reunion is an island with amazing sightseeing, there are mountains with green color by the pretty sea and we can see the shape of mountains clearly when we look into the sea water that give another view of the island. If you like to ride on the house along a nice beach, you should go to visit Djerba.

When mentioning an African holiday, most people will probably think of a safari tour, a visit to an ancient Egyptian monument or perhaps a trip to Cape Town or Marrakesh. However, Africa also has some amazing islands lying off its coasts. Madagascar, the 4th largest island in the world is the obvious one but there are also some smaller islands that are definitely worth a trip. These African islands have a fascinating history, unique wildlife and beaches that easily rival those of the Caribbean.

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1. Praslin


2. Zanzibar


3. Mauritius


4. Lamu Island


5. Reunion

Paysage de Grand Etang
Paysage de Grand Etang

6. Djerba


7. Nosy Be


8. Mohéli


9. Sal


10. Sao Tomé