10 Top Tourist Attractions in Australia

To visit Australia, we would not miss the most top ten tourist attractions there. We started from Sydney Opera House, the lotus flower shapes which built into the sea location. The whole building looks like the bloom lotus flowers with many flower layers. The next destination is Great Barrier Reef, which gives you another beautiful sightseeing. If you shooting the barrier reef on the above, it looks like the powder bibles on the sea level. One of the most strange place there is Ayers Rock location that its whole place is in brown red color and the big Ayers Rock is standing in the middle of the brown plain. To see a romantic nature view destination, go to Kakadu National Park, it won’t make you regret with your trip. The whole park is covered with beautiful natural view with a fantastic waterfall. You will be amazed by a white sea which you have never seen in your life when you reach Whitsunday Islands, The whole sea at that island area is white because of the influence of very rich clear white sand of that sea. You can see the deep blue natural view at Blue Mountains National Park, There are full of the blue trees year round with amazing strange shape of high rocks there. All visitors absolutely feel exciting when can visit the zebra rock in Purnululu National Park, most high rocks in that national park look like zebra with big strips. Another wonderful view for watching is in Great Ocean Road, because of the impact of strong sea waves into the mainlands, it made a lot of serious long sea streams into the land which look like the roads from the big sea. If you like playing around on the beach, go to Fraser Island, there is a wide space of beach that you can do a lot of activities on it like play football, play volley ball, horse riding or have a fun drive, too. The last destination is Cable Beach, Broome, there a huge space of beach that seem a desert journey when we come across on it.

Australia is a vast country that is just slightly smaller than the continental United States. So it probably shouldn’t be surprising that a country this large would also be home to some of the most unusual destinations and creatures in the world. Among the many iconic sites and landmarks you can visit in Australia are Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera House. While these spots are very popular with tourists, there are a number of tourist attractions in Australia that aren’t as well-known but are just as impressive.

1. Sydney Opera House


2. Great Barrier Reef

Colours of the Great Barrier Reef

3. Uluru/Ayers Rock


4. Kakadu National Park


5. Whitsunday Islands


6. Blue Mountains National Park


7. Purnululu National Park


8. Great Ocean Road


9. Fraser Island


10. Cable Beach, Broome