Brazilian scientists explain that these simple movements significantly affect longevity

Stand up straight with your legs crossed at the ankles and arms in front of body. Sit down. Stand up. Congratulations, you have just prolong your life.

According to scientists from Brazil, there is a significant correlation between this model of motion and longevity.


Take 10 as the perfect result and subtract half a point each time you lose your balance and one point when using the knee or hand for support.
In this six-year study, people who had the final score below eight had a higher mortality rate five times compared to people with better results.
This stand sits test measures your Muscularl skeleton, a critical indicator of aging, said study author Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo.

If you are obese, then first deal with it.

Otherwise, you should consider the statements which, to Canadian researchers find it useful to musculator Fitness. Then repeatedly do this test to monitor your progress and improvement.

Stretching test:

The purpose of crossing

Start by simply standing with crossed ankles. Even this test balance and agility cones will be used in the long run.

Nice Area

Now assess your coordination. With your hands in front of the body for balance, slowly lower yourself until you sit cross-legged.

Lift the score to 3

Now get up. You have several attempts to reach the form.
Try to reach the best possible result, and as one made perfect movement occurs only if you properly stood up and moved without relying on the hands or knees and with no loss of balance.